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Adin & Jen B's Journal
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Date:2005-06-29 11:02
Subject:Long time no use!

Well it's been so long that we haven't used this one in awhile. Bailey is still a good at using the keyboard. Allthough she has taught most of the others. We also have Evan who LOVES the printer. As soon as he hears it he starts running to watch and wait for the paper to come out. Sometimes of course he feels in his feline wisdom that it's not working and must sit on top of it and push buttons to make it work better. I think Bailey and Evan might start cooperating and using the computer. eep!

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Date:2003-04-14 23:08
Mood: frustrated

Well, we had a really nice long entry..a compelling story about man's struggles to find tires in San Diego--set amongst the floods..and a windshield wiper blade that just couldn't stay put!

Anyways, our Siamese, named Bailey decided to make an editorial comment while the entry was uploading while we were out. She has decided that she now has the power to turn our laptop off at will...and she will *every* time that we go out!

Needless to say, Don't teach your cats about computers..it can only lead to trouble!

Jen has a good summary of the day's trials and tribulations: jen88

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Date:2003-04-13 22:49

Well, we're going to try out LiveJournal and see if it can help everyone keep up with the two of us and what adventures we have gotten ourselves into.

Entry Location: San Diego, CA 92121

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This weekend we were off to the "World Famous" San Diego Zoo. It wasn't bad at all, though the line for the Panda Exhibit looked to be over an hour long. The Zoo really reminded me (Adin) of the Disney Animal Kingdom Park--though it was obviously the original. It didn't take too awfully long to make it through the park ( http://www.sandiegozoo.org ) even though it's got quite a few steep hills to walk up and down. (I bet its the only zoo to use moving sidewalks to get people around!). The food wasn't obnoxiously overpriced and drinks were available all over the park. Overall, I'd recommend it to anyone that is going to be in the area and would like to spend an afternoon, but I don't think it deserves a trip to San Diego. Oh, be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen!

Gripe of the Day: Be sure to get a good tire iron. When we walked out to our car today, we found the passenger side rear wheel rather flat. All of the lug nuts were obnoxiosly diffcult to get off, though one was nigh upon impossible. After wresting with the lone lug nut for about 30 minutes (and managing to strip some of the threads), we ended up calling Kia roadside assistance (thank god for that!). The Kia guy had to use a socket wrench, silicone lubricant, and a hammer of some type to get the lug nut off. Jeez people! When you're putting on a lug nut, just torque it to spec--not double!!!! Also, be sure to have a tire iron with the extension--we had *no* hope of getting the lug nut off with the provided tire iron.

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